ODM Services – Three Ways to Serve You

Contemporary Controls is available to design and manufacture products to your specifications which carry your brand. Leverage our design and manufacturing expertise without having your own factory or design group. Enter new markets quickly without having to invest time and resources to the development process.

Depending upon the complexity of the project, Contemporary Controls has developed three ways in which we can speed your product to market.

Private Label Example

Private Label
This is the simplest approach. Pick one of our standard products and we will apply your brand to the product so it appears like yours. Product performance is not impacted with the changes.

  • Product branded as your own
  • Changes to the product relate mostly to labeling and physical identification
  • Your logo is applied and colors are matched for consistency
  • Any firmware changes are restricted to company identification
  • Your company name is added to regulatory agency approvals
  • Product documentation and user manuals can be modified to reinforce the brand
  • Products manufactured under a custom part number

Semi-ODM Example

Original Design Manufacturing, Semi-Custom
Using one of our standard products as a basis for design, changes to both hardware and software are made to meet your requirements.  You achieve the product performance you want based upon one of our designs.

  • Product branded as your own
  • One of our products serves as the basis for design to minimize design risk
  • Hardware and software modified to meet your requirements
  • Printed circuit boards developed to implement changes
  • Manufacturing data developed for production
  • Products manufactured under a custom part number

Original Design Manufacturing
If we do not have the product but we have the technical expertise to develop such a product, we can design, develop and manufacture to your requirements. You achieve the product performance you want based upon our technical expertise.   This approach requires the most time and resources utilizing our eight-phase process.

  • Create a product for you based on our technical competencies
  • Initiate a complete product realization process from concept to manufacturing
  • When practical, reuse designs from previous projects to reduce design risk
  • Printed circuit boards developed for production
  • Embedded software developed to project requirements
  • Manufacturing data developed for production
  • Regulatory agency submissions made to validate the design
  • After validation, products manufactured under a custom part number

ODM Example

Electonic Manufacturing Services
Our EMS services help customers wanting to transfer to us their proven designs for manufacturing.  We take your BOMs, your manufacturing and test data, and manufacture your product for you. Sourcing of components locally can reduce cost.  Logistics support is available for your convenience.

  • We source components and printed circuit boards based upon your BOMs
  • We build the products to your specifications
  • Using your test fixtures, we test the finished assemblies
  • We can offer logistics support by warehousing and drop-shipping to your customers

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