Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing

Plant FloorContemporary Controls offers lead-free surface-mount-technology (SMT) electronics manufacturing in the United States and China while complying with the requirements for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) European Union directive. Both locations use the latest in Panasonic placement machines capable of accurately placing fine-pitch components. Placement machines are programmed using PanaPro® computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software allowing for the transfer of manufacturing data between locations. The Vitronics multi-stage heating/cooling reflow ovens are identical allowing the sharing of process data between the plants. Through-hole assembly and wave soldering are also supported. As a member, Contemporary Controls relies upon workmanship standards established by IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

The Downers Grove, IL manufacturing plant focuses on lower-volume, higher-mix products or those products requiring Made-in-America compliance or a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) certificate.

For higher-volume, lower-mix, cost-sensitive requirements, our Suzhou, PRC plant offers the highest production capacity as well as expanded logistics support. As a wholly-foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) under US leadership, the Suzhou plant is located in a technology park close to numerous electronics and mechanical suppliers. The Suzhou plant offers other services such as component sourcing to further reduce costs. Your intellectual property (IP) is protected at either plant location.


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